This is a city of great traditions and it became famous above all because of the seigniory of the Da Varano family and its bustling university.The origins of the city date as far back as the Neolithic period. Another noteworthy event was marked by the pact between Camerino and Rome in 309 BC. The city was later attacked by Alaric's Goths, while Charlemagne subsequently made it the provincial capital of the March of Camerino. It was a Guelph city and enjoyed its golden age under the Da Varano family, which ruled for nearly three centuries. Camerino was also the birthplace of painters Arcangelo di Cola, Giovanni Boccati and Girolamo di Giovanni.Be sure to visit the fortress, which offers a sweeping view of the Sibylline Mountains. Located in Piazza Cavour are the cathedral, the Archbishop's Palace and the Ducal Palace.

Other important sites include the Romanesque-Gothic Church of San Francesco, which holds the collections of the city museum and the picture gallery. Last but not least, be sure to enjoy a panoramic walk around the city walls.

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